MEF Tutorial (Managed Extensibility Framework)

In my previous post I talked about dot net’s Managed Extensibility Framework. In this post I will be walking through a simple MEF tutorial to show how MEF can be used in an application. Microsoft provide an excellent tutorial on how to use MEF in the context of a simple calculator application, so I’m going […]

MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework)

Recently I got the chance to explore one of the features of .net 4 that I had not had a chance to use, and that was MEF. MEF stands for Managed Extensibility Framework. It was introduced to work with MAF (Managed Add-In Framework), while MAF concentrated on extension isolation and assembly loading and unloading, MEF […]

Distance Learning – a closer experience in the Modern Web?

The following post was first published by Waterstons: http://bit.ly/1exE2dc. This was also part of a series on the power of technology. For further information on anything below, please contact me through this site, or Waterstons. Introduction I’ve been a student on more than one distance learning course. I began by studying photography and film through the Open […]

What are Reactive Extensions (Rx)

As a developer it is important to keep up to date with new technologies as much as existing ones. Conferences such as Developer Developer Developer North are great for this, giving me the opportunity to explore technologies I may not be aware of, and this is where I first came across Reactive Extensions. What are […]

Using MongoDB in C#

One recent technology I had heard an awful lot about but had not had a chance to use was NoSQL Databases. The idea that I could store data in an object oriented format, and not a relational format excited me, as I could see it being very useful and easy to fit into applications, and […]

SignalR – Real Time Web

Communication between the server and the client via JavaScript has been around on the web for a long time. Prior to AJAX there were ways to use HTML elements in ways they were not intended to allow client server communication without refreshing the page. The img, script, and iframe tags could all be used to […]

The Repository Service Pattern – Developing an Online Game

It was really important to me that we started the new version of Next Gen Cricket with a really strong basic structure. For me this was the repository service pattern. In this post I will attempt to explain this pattern, how to implement it, the ideas behind the pattern, and the benefits it brings. The […]

Finding if StorageFile is in StorageFolder in Windows 8 Apps

When developing Windows 8 Apps, it is likely you will come across issues when dealing with files. This is because Windows 8 Apps are in a sandboxed environment, and access to files on the system are particularly limited. One oversight I believe has been made in all this is when dealing with paths of a […]