The Repository Service Pattern – Developing an Online Game

It was really important to me that we started the new version of Next Gen Cricket with a really strong basic structure. For me this was the repository service pattern. In this post I will attempt to explain this pattern, how to implement it, the ideas behind the pattern, and the benefits it brings. The […]

Progress Bar in Powershell

In your long running powershell scripts it would be useful to be able to add a progress bar to update on the progress of the script. It is simple to add a progress bar in powershell, you just need to use the Write-Progress cmdlet. This cmdlet allows you to pass in a few parameters to […]

Finding if StorageFile is in StorageFolder in Windows 8 Apps

When developing Windows 8 Apps, it is likely you will come across issues when dealing with files. This is because Windows 8 Apps are in a sandboxed environment, and access to files on the system are particularly limited. One oversight I believe has been made in all this is when dealing with paths of a […]

DataTemplateSelector in XAML – Versatile XAML Controls

At work this week I had a need for a versatile control that would display differently based on the contents of my ViewModel for a Windows Store app. The idea was I could have several slightly different objects, that combined would form a page that would display all the objects in the best format. My […]

Simplify menus in XNA game development

It’s something most, if not all games needs, a good menu. So I was quite surprised when I searched for existing solutions to creating a good menu in XNA, and there were not a lot of resources that involved creating a class that would handle all the menu creation, display, and actions. This blog post […]

Easier Benchmarking in your PHP Scripts

One thing I often find myself doing, whether I am testing the performance of a script, or finding the fastest function to use, is taking and outputting various time intervals throughout my script. Although this is an easy task in PHP, I thought it would be worth developing a class to give me a better […]