Hack Days – Broaden the Knowledge

I thought I’d write a bit of a different post this time. Rather than looking at a technology in particular, I thought I would write a post on the idea of hack days. Firstly, you might not know what a hack day is. A hack day is a day to just experiment, find a new […]

Mobile First Design

With the rapid rise in popularity of mobile devices, and with mobile devices becoming a central part of many people’s lives, it is no surprise that there are many more considerations when designing for the web. Recent statistics show that mobile devices now account for a significant proportion of the total traffic on the web, […]

Pure CSS vs Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap has been around a while now, and it has been used to aid developing websites in many examples now, just see the unofficial tumblr: built with bootstrap. It’s not surprising many people have chosen Twitter Bootstrap, it makes styling a website a breeze, and adds a lot of useful functionality. Bootstrap provides CSS […]

jQuery Template Plugin

I have recently published my first jQuery plugin (jQuery template plugin). This was born out of a project I undertook on a hack day at my work (I encourage all developers to promote hack days in their work place). My project was a single page blog, utilizing the power of the client to cache and build the […]

SignalR – Real Time Web

Communication between the server and the client via JavaScript has been around on the web for a long time. Prior to AJAX there were ways to use HTML elements in ways they were not intended to allow client server communication without refreshing the page. The img, script, and iframe tags could all be used to […]

WinJS XHR in background task

Recently I set about the task of developing a Windows Store app for this blog. It was a learning exercise for myself to get some more experience of the procedure of developing and submitting a windows store app, and to get some more experience with the WinJS library. While developing this I was looking at […]

Canvas inside a ScrollViewer

I came across an interesting problem at work recently when I had a canvas inside a ScrollViewer. I was developing a windows 8 application and I had a control that was essentially a canvas that handled drawing, and this was situated inside of a ScrollViewer. The control worked fine with the mouse, allowing me to […]