Code Cracker – Windows Phone 8 Game

I’ve been rather quiet on here for a while due to other things getting in the way. Part of this was down to finishing off my game for Windows Phone 8. This is now released and in the Windows Phone Store. It is called Code Cracker and is completely free! It’s a simple puzzle game where your objective is to guess the code. Each guess provides you feedback, and the challenge is to guess the code before your guesses, or time run out. The game was inspired by the board game Mastermind, but adds a new twist to the familiar game, with the code lengths changing and becoming harder to guess.

From a development perspective, I learnt a lot, as this was my first app developed for Windows Phone. I have a few posts I’d like to make about things I have learnt whilst developing Code Cracker. I also would like to say what a great help Telerik controls for windows phone 8 were. They simplified developing the UI for my game greatly, making it just the way I wanted with little effort!

So whilst waiting for my next post, why not download Code Cracker on Windows Phone today! I welcome any feedback on the game.

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